Traction Therapy

Do you have back problems that don't improve with traditional chiropractic manipulation? Then you may need to try traction therapy in Dodge City, Kansas, to get your needed help. At Stout-Henrichs Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Kirk Henrichs can provide this non-invasive therapeutic option to improve your overall strength and provide the long-term support you need to recover fully.

How Traction Works 

Traction uses a roller bed that taps into passive motion, which helps improve your spinal therapy. You'll roll on the bed to stretch your spinal joints, increase your mobility, and improve your range of motion. Many people find this therapy calming but effective in managing spinal issues. 

Dr. Henrichs will handle the motion for you to ensure it's properly managed and safely executed. He'll also talk with you during treatment to ensure you feel comfortable. In this way, traction therapy can help Dodge City, Kansas, residents get the help they need to recover from long-term issues, including spinal alignment problems and any severe concerns with back health.

At Stout-Henrichs Chiropractic Care, our team fully understands this care method and will work hard to ensure you get the needed help. Dr. Henrichs will walk you through this process and help you decide if it's the best option for your needs. Thankfully, this care option is helpful for multiple concerns and fits nicely into many exercise routines.

What It Can Help With 

Before trying out traction, knowing precisely what it can manage is important. Over the years, it's become one of the most commonly used chiropractic methods because of its diversity of potential uses and unique advantages. Just a few things it can help you with include:

  • Lower back pain that refuses to get better with other therapies 
  • Flexibility limitations 
  • Strength deficiencies
  • Balance conditions 
  • Persistent shoulder or neck pain
  • Other back-related concerns that may impact your life quality

Our team at Stout-Henrichs Chiropractic Care fully understands this technique and will work hard to ensure it meets your needs. Dr. Henrichs has the experience needed to help you and the compassion necessary to make your traction treatment more effective.

Let Us Know How We Can Help

If you need traction therapy in Dodge City, Kansas, contact Stout-Henrichs Chiropractic Clinic immediately to learn more. Dr. Henrichs understands this process and its unique methods and will work hard to ensure you're satisfied. So call us today at 620-227-7082 to learn more.

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