Chiropractic X-Rays

X-rays aren’t just for broken bones. Dr. Kirk Henrichs and the team at Stout-Henrichs Chiropractic Clinic in Dodge City, KS, provide chiropractic x-rays to ensure optimal health and healing for various symptoms and conditions.

Why Do Chiropractors Take X-rays?

While not all chiropractors provide x-rays in-house, we do. Others might refer you to a diagnostic site to have the x-rays performed. In either case, though, you might be wondering what the point of chiropractic x-rays is. Dr. Henrichs and the Stout-Henrichs Chiropractic Clinic team in Dodge City, KS, explain three very important benefits below.

Proper Diagnosis

Visiting a chiropractor usually means that you are in pain due to something in the musculoskeletal system. In some cases, chiropractors can get a pretty good idea of the issue from discussing your symptoms and performing a physical assessment.

Other times, the root issue can be hard to identify, due to inflammation or another issue. This might lead to a misdiagnosis and treatment techniques that aren’t effective for your specific condition. Chiropractic x-rays can eliminate guesswork and trial and error, as they allow your chiropractor to determine exactly where the root of the problem lies.

More Specific Treatment Plans

No one wants to endure more pain than is necessary, but this can happen when a precise diagnosis isn’t determined. As x-rays allow for a precise diagnosis, your chiropractor can be equally precise with your treatment plan. They have a clear understanding of the area or areas that need to be treated, as well as the type of techniques that should be used.

Improved Results

Precision is very beneficial when it comes to treatment and relief. The more precise and targeted the treatment techniques, the faster patients achieve recovery. This means less pain and fewer visits for current conditions.


In addition to treating current issues, x-rays allow chiropractors to pinpoint other areas of concern that might not be causing symptoms yet. For example, you might visit your chiropractor for upper back pain. The x-rays will reveal the cause of this pain but might also point out a misalignment in the lower back that isn’t causing pain yet. While your chiropractor treats the issue in the upper back, they can also address the misalignment in the lower back, preventing potential pain and suffering.

Learn more about chiropractic x-rays and the role they can play in your treatment by visiting Dr. Henrichs at Stout-Henrichs Chiropractic Clinic in Dodge City, KS. Call (620) 227-7082 to schedule an appointment today.

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