Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

At Stout-Henrichs Chiropractic Clinic in Dodge City, KS, Dr. Kirk Henrichs believes that it is important to help patients in the safest, least invasive way possible to relieve pain and other discomfort. With that in mind, laser therapy is one option beyond standard chiropractic care that our practitioner offers. 

General Information About Laser Therapy 

When used to complement chiropractic, laser therapy consists of our practitioner directing laser energy toward an injured area. This light energy will heal the tissue. This energy promotes circulation, and as it does, it draws nutrients, oxygen, and hydration to the damaged tissue to encourage healing. 

Laser therapy will decrease inflammation. It also has the potential to reduce muscle spasms and stiffness. In addition, you may notice a reduction in pain. The entire goal of the treatment is to stimulate healing and speed up the process, so you heal with less discomfort and more quickly. 

Our practitioner can use this treatment for a variety of conditions, including tendinitis and bursitis. It may also benefit patients who suffer from headaches. 

Benefits of Laser Therapy 

You may benefit from receiving laser therapy in our Dodge City, KS, office for several reasons. For one, it doesn't require any type of medication. And since it's non-narcotic, you don't have to worry about the unpleasant side effects and the risk of addiction associated with opiates. 

Laser therapy is a relatively quick procedure. Therefore, you don't have to spend hours in an office chair. 

This particular treatment is also highly customizable. We can determine the appropriate number of treatments based on your condition.  

Safety Concerns

As a general rule, laser therapy is relatively safe for most people, especially when compared to other non-natural treatments. However, your practitioner won't be able to perform it near your chest or back in a region where you have a pacemaker. The electrical energy from the laser can interfere with the electrical signaling of the pacemaker. Therefore, you must tell your practitioner if you have one before the treatment. Laser therapy is also not currently recommended for people who are pregnant. 

Stout-Henrichs Chiropractic Clinic, serving Dodge City, KS, and the general vicinity, offers laser therapy to help manage uncomfortable musculoskeletal problems, like pain and inflammation. Contact us today for an appointment by calling 620-227-7082 to discover for yourself laser therapy's benefits. 

Experience the power of laser therapy with the most advanced therapeutic option available. Deep Tissue Laser Therapy from LiteCure Medical

This drug-free surgery-free, pain-free modality quickly relieves pain associated with:

  • Neck pain
  • Back Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Arthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Disc Injuries
  • Shoulder Pain
  • TMJ
  • Migraines
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Sports Injuries
  • Soft Tissue Damage
  • More...

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Drug-free, Surgery-free

Photobiomodulation: Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

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