The following are just a few of the positive experiences our patient's have encountered while seeking treatment at Stout-Henrichs Chiropractic Clinic!

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I had a complete knee surgery 3 weeks ago. As soon as my staples were removed I started this deep tissue laser treatments at Stout-Henrichs Clinic. First of all you can actually feel the warm soothing laser starting to heal your muscles and tissues inside and out. My incision already looks amazing, some of the redness and bruising are so much better. Yesterday was my third treatment for this second knee and a lot of my soreness is much better too. This is actually my third-go-around receiving these deep tissue treatments. Everyone was successful! I've had two knee replacements and broke my ulna bone in my arm. In my opinion this deep-laser is "A Truly Miracle Machine". Rebecca is their caring, professional and competent technician. She is amazing at all her jobs. Jill Henrichs is the office Manager and is very awesome. friendly, professional and wonderful. - Mary C.

"First off, let me say that the new deep tissue laser is amazing! I've been a long time patient of Dr. Henrichs. He has used electro therapy and chiropractic adjustments to correct some of my issues on a regular basis. I suffer from chronic lower back, neck and leg pain, plus arthritis has plagued me as I've aged. These treatments have always been helpful to keep me moving with less pain, and for that I'm thankful!

Then recently made a huge step forward in the treatment of pain when they acquired a deep tissue laser machine. After researching this new technology, I decided to give it a go, what could I lose?

In April of 2019 I suffered a minor stroke. I lost most of the use of my left side, thus complicating and adding to any condition prior to that time. After several months of hard work and being relentless to at least get back to my former condition, we tried the laser on my left shoulder/arm/hand.

The results were immediate and far more than I had counted on. From the first 8 minute laser treatment my pain was nearly gone and my mobility increased threefold. I was told that at least three treatments at first would show the greatest results. I spaced them 2 days apart as recommended and was once again floored by the results. The laser therapy has now become part of my weekly regiment. It's painless and quick, and most of all it works!

I highly recommend the laser therapy Dr. Henrichs offers. You will not be disappointed.

- Steven G.

"I can not say enough about this new treatment. A little over a month ago, I couldn't walk with the treatment, I can now stand by myself and take several steps. I hightly recommend the laser treatment. Its the best!"

- Robin, 32

"I began coming to Dr. Henrichs the summer of 2012. I began seeing Dr. Henrichs due to severe lower back pain and I was not getting relief with the doctor I was using. My first visit, Dr. Henrichs took a set of x-rays and diagnosed my pain very quickly. Using the electrotherapy during my visits to Dr. Henrichs and the adjustments, Dr. Henrichs got me back to my day to day activities within a couple weeks. I routinely see Dr. Henrichs every 2-4 weeks to maintain my health. Along with myself; my husband and our 3 year old daughter see Dr. Henrichs on a regular basis!"

- Teddi, 32

"Since my back surgery seven years ago I have been going to Henrich's chiropractic office on a regular basis. The combination of elecro-therapy and adjustments by Dr. Henrichs really helped my recovery move along as quickly as possible. It is not only the help you receive during the routine check-ups, but also the advice given by Dr. Henrichs, such as stretches to improve back stretch and his knowledge of how the body works when you have issues. All together, this really shows the care put behind the treatment of patients at Henrichs Chiropractic."

- Ryan, 22

"I first came to see Dr. Henrichs about 10-12 years ago. I had been going to another chiropractor without relief, so I switched to Dr. Henrichs. He immediately X-rayed me and within a month I was feeling 100% again! Dr. Henrichs also convinced me to get regular monthly chiropractic treatments for preventative injury reasons. This had never been said to me before! It works! I continue to get a treatment every month and would highly recommend Dr. Henrichs."

- JoEllen, 50

"My son had a slight curvature of the spine. Just a few visits with Dr. Henrichs alleviated the slight curvature. Plus he is sleeping much better."

- Vicki

"The personal service and professional therapy is outstanding. Battling severe sciatic nerve problems. They went above and beyond. I highly recommend them and their staff. They treat you like family."

- Phil, 63 yrs

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