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If you’re searching for natural and lasting back pain relief in Dodge City, KS, Dr. Kirk Henrichs and the team at Stout-Henrichs Chiropractic Clinic are here to help.

Natural Back Pain Relief With Chiropractic Care

Most people would agree that chronic back pain is one of the most difficult types of pain to deal with. This is because it can get in the way of so many activities and flare up even with something like a sneeze. It can hurt when you sit, lie down, or stand up. As relief seems so difficult to come by, it can make one desperate to try anything.

If you’re one of the millions suffering from chronic back pain, you don’t have to let your desperation lead you to addictive substances that only provide temporary relief. You also don’t have to resort to invasive techniques. Dr. Henrichs and the team at Stout-Henrichs Chiropractic Clinic in Dodge City, KS, explain how chiropractic care can provide back pain relief naturally.

Getting to the Cause

One of the main reasons that relief efforts fail is that they aren’t addressing the cause of the suffering. Think about it like this: if your kitchen light goes out, putting in a new light bulb won’t do any good if the issue lies in the wiring.

Chiropractic care focuses on tracing your symptoms back to the cause of those symptoms – not simply putting a bandage over your wound. It then addresses that root cause, which provides lasting relief.

Natural Techniques

Chiropractic care includes a combination of techniques that enact the body’s own healing mechanisms. The foundational belief is that the body is amazingly designed and can heal itself. However, there are times when things restrict or slow down that healing. Chiropractic techniques remove those restrictions and stimulate natural processes. Some techniques utilized for back pain include the following.

  • Adjustments and manipulation to restore proper alignment to the spinal column
  • Traction therapy to relieve pressure from and create space for the spinal discs and other components
  • Deep tissue laser therapy to reduce pain and inflammation while stimulating tissue regeneration
  • Therapeutic ultrasound to penetrate the deep layers of tissue and break up tension, scar tissue, and adhesions
  • Therapeutic exercise to stretch and strengthen the core, restore range of motion, improve blood flow, and more

Experience natural and lasting back pain relief by visiting Dr. Henrichs and the team at Stout-Henrichs Chiropractic Clinic in Dodge City, KS. Call (620) 227-7082 to schedule an appointment today.

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